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Renay’s Favourite Links

A few of my favourite websites.

About Me

Hi ya!

I’m passionate about building resilience, about unveiling ideas of courage and realising our best selves. Resilience prompted me to begin a blog.

What am I likely to talk about?

– Resilience (obviously)
– Writing
– Engaging with (read battling) my muse
– Passion
– Community

I’ve been fortunate to have short stories published in several e-zines. I’d love it if you would take a moment to check out my online serial, Breath of Sirius, or Woman vs. Muse sneak peeks, and I’m very excited about a novel I’m working on.

I’ve lived in Queensland’s southeast corner all my life, and while I love traveling (you’ll see me posting pictures from around the world on fb & google+ – particularly in the UK and Europe) it’s great to come home again to Australia, to our little village and my wonderful family.

I have a degree in Education and a career’s worth of experience in training and communications. I’ve just started an MA and I’m not likely to mention work to often … or like, at all! 🙂 Don’t we all need to step away from work now and then?

I’ve chosen resilience as a personal creed, and I’m confident it can help us change the world – or ourselves – one thought at a time.

Things I love to do:

Read. Write. Write some more. Hang out with my family. (Married to Gary Allen. 1 kiddo (brilliant, naturally). Proud owner of overflowing bookshelves and a bossy cat who loves the heater more than me. Wednesday nights are the best. Oh, and I’m a total sucker for old English and Scottish cemeteries. They’re atmospheric! What can I say?

 Tracking my progress on my various WIPs

For more info about why I’m tracking these works click here. I have three new manuscripts in the works. (One was added mid year when the idea wouldn’t stop banging around in my brain. Stupid contrary brain won’t stick to one story at a time). Planning for all these stories has been completed. Now it’s time to get started on first drafts and hold myself to my plans. 🙂

WIP – Beneath the Wicker Weel  [Fantasy]

WIP – Brightwood (working title) [Urban fantasy/ YA]

WIP – Hope before hope (working title) [Contemporary adult romance]

WIP – Breath of Sirius (online serial) [Urban fantasy/ romance]

Books read this year (2014)