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Don’t you love being a part of a vibrant writing community? I’ve met some fantastic people since making my first forays into the big scary. So many are friendly, helpful and passionate about what they do. So…  Join me in getting to know these wonderful people a little better – who they are, what they like, what they write, what they when, how and why. Find out more about their muse-inspired crazy. 😀

Writers: if you would like to have your work profiled, email me via the About Renay page or contact me on facebook or twitter @renayallencom. I’d love to hear from you.

Latest author interview

One of the best things about the publishing world is the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. If you enjoy reading a romcom while sitting by the pool on a summer’s afternoon, Amy’s your girl. Bring on the bubbles!

Meet Amy Andrews


First, tell us a little about your latest story, ‘Holding out for a Hero’.

I wrote HOFAH quite a few years ago and it was my almost book. It almost made it at so many places but never quite got across the line. Fast forward a few years and thanks to the digital revolution and, in particular, Australian publishers who suddenly realised how lucrative the romance market is, it’s finally found a readership. Read more…



Janet & Val combo

Previous author interviews:

Meet a super writing duo! Authors of  Eleventh Elementum is the first book in The Primortus Chronicles.

Meet J.L Bond and Val Richards.

1) Hi Ladies! First, tell us a little about Eleventh Elementum.

J.L.- Oh, there’s a question close to our hearts.

Val- It sure is. Eleventh Elementum is the first book in The Primortus Chronicles. It’s a YA futuristic, fantasy adventure set in New Zealand. We wrote it with teens in mind but it’s a story that could appeal to readers of all ages.

Read more…



Other community bits


CompaddWoman Vs. Muse 2014 Short Story Competition


Update: Announcing the WINNERS of the 2014 Woman vs. Muse Short Story competition

I am just SO excited to announce the winners of the first Woman Vs. Muse competition. We received some wonderful entries and raised much needed funds for MSQld.

Winner – ‘A Fettler’s Tale’ – by Rollo WAITE
Rollo has won $100. His winning entry will be available soon on the website (check out the blog on Tuesday 13th May) together with an interview. Congratulations Rollo, and we look forward to learning more about you.

Runner up – ‘Some miracle, I don’t know what’ – by Doug ELWELL
Doug has won $50. His entry will also be available soon on the website (check out the blog the following week) together with an interview. Thanks Doug! Two thumbs up! [For those from across the sea, two thumbs up is ‘VERY good’. :)]

Many thanks go to Margie Riley for all her help. Bestest CP ever! You can find out more about Margie at her website.

For those interested in why I’m interested in raising funds for MSQld, click here.

Once again, the judges would like to thank all entrants and would encourage all to try again next year.

Added: 9 May 2014

Update: Shortlisted entries for the 2014 Woman vs. Muse Short Story competition
The anonymous entries were read by two judges who shortlisted to 4 stories. The judges then discussed to confirm the outcome. The 2014 shortlist (in random order) is:

‘The Author’ – Emily REID
‘Some miracle, I don’t know what’ – Doug ELWELL
‘Letter to Ariel’ – Julia PROUD
‘A Fettler’s Tale’ – Rollo WAITE

The judges would like to thank all entrants and would encourage all to try again next year.  Winning stories will be announced on May 9, 2014.

Added: 30 April 2014


The Wordherders Voice

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Community is so important to writers. The Wordherders Voice is a welcoming place to aid writers in supporting each other and getting your work out into the world.
You can find us on facebook  or on Twitter @WrdherdersVoice. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Feel free to join us there. We don’t charge, and we’ll help you plug your author website, post about your latest novel, poem or short story. Share information about competitions, writing tips and trials, agent info, publishing wins and fails, all in a welcoming environment.
Let’s get to know each other and build a community.


About your admins:

MARGIE RILEY: Margie’s come to writing later than she came to reading – she’s been a bibliophile for as long as she can remember. She belongs to a long-standing book club and a couple of writers’ groups. What a buzz! Margie’s work as a professional editor/proofreader means that she spends her days looking at words, wielding her red pen (but gently) and making suggestions for other writers.
You can contact Margie via Better Manuscript Editing or at:  theproofreadingguru[@]gmail[dot]com

RENAY ALLEN: Renay is a communications and training specialist with more than twenty years experience across private and public sectors. When she’s not writing for ‘work’, she’s working on one of two YA novels or her online serial, Breath of Sirius. She has had several short stories published, belongs to writer’s groups, and (more recently) has created ‘The Wordherder’s Voice’, a fast-growing online community supporting wordherders everywhere.
You can contact Renay via the About Me page, on fb at Woman Vs. Muse or The Wordherder’s Voice, or on Twitter : @renayallencom

Please feel free to pass details on to anyone you believe might be interested.

Added: 31 January 2014