Sneak Peeks


DMM: I’m bored. What are you doing?

Me: I’m going back through these last chapters. There’s some dead wood.

DMM: Dead wood?

Me: You know, superfluous words that really don’t need to be there.  I know you enjoy seeing words bud like the promise of new fruit, but not all of it needs to be kept.

DMM: My work is not superfluous! If I’m not needed, just say so!

Me: Of course I need you. I named you Divine, remember?

[DMM somewhat mollified].

But look here. We have a full page of narrative summary. Not much really happens here, and what’s more, the non-happening relates to a walk-on character. He warrants a line at most!  I’ll write a new line, give him a strong voice, and then move on with the scene.

DMM: You could give him his voice with a snappy piece of dialogue. He should be engaging. And convincing.

Me: Good one. Let’s limit interruptions – have fewer beats. [Strike through old text]. Now it’s your turn…

Meet the

Divine Miss Muse

Explore the muse/ writer relationship.

Sneak Peeks are about writing, about passion and resilience, about finding a voice and working out how on earth this worrying inner monologue shapes a life path (no matter how long or disturbed that path may be).

Sneak Peeks are reflections of my muse experience. It’s my hope you’ll find something in them which helps you discover your own inspiration.

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